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5 Reasons Dogs Run After Bathing

5 Reasons Dogs Run After Bathing

Many dogs behave strangely after a bath, and dog owners regularly wonder why. Is bath time a chore in your house? Or does your dog squeal with delight at the sight of the soapy suds and the bathtub? Maybe your dog gets a little too excited after they've been thoroughly cleaned? The following are some of the possible reasons why dogs run after baths.

Why Dogs Run After Baths


1. They have bath anxiety

Unless your dog enjoys bathing, you will be all too familiar with this problem. Whether they've rolled in poo, jumped into a pond or just haven't had a bath in a while, they will likely be full of tension when they realise you're thinking of putting them in the tub. When it's all said and done, however, your dog will likely be a lot calmer, and the only way they know how to communicate this is by running around. It's their anxious energy erupting.


2. They're drying off

Another reason why dogs often go crazy after a bath is to simply dry off. If you've ever seen a dog shake violently after swimming, you won't find this activity strange. A wet dog will shake, but they may also roll about on your bed, the carpet, or the sofa to dry themselves. Invest in an absorbent dog-friendly towel to soak up as much of the liquid as possible before the zoomies begin to avoid some of the mess - if not the rolling!


3. They love water!

Certain dogs love being in the water, including poodles, retrievers, and Portuguese water dogs, so their post-bath zoomies are most likely a celebration of being able to do something they love.


4. They don't like the smell

While a newly bathed dog is a good thing for owners, your pet might not be so keen! Not only is their sense of smell superior to ours, but it also influences how they view their environment. And after a bath, they are likely to notice they have a strange, new aroma. As a result, they sprint around and roll in whatever they can to get rid of the new fragrance and return to the old. It's in a dog's DNA to want to smell like dirt, poo and grass.


5. It's a request for attention

There are also dogs who will simply do anything to get your attention. Running after a bath might be an acquired behaviour that your dog has expressly picked up with the purpose of amusing you. They know they will get a reaction from you, whether the reaction is negative (making you angry) or positive (a few giggles). Dogs are intelligent creatures that pay close attention to our reactions to their behaviour. As a result, your dog may jump about like crazy after a bath as they know you'll interact with them. This is especially likely if you are the sort of dog owner that tends to cheer your dog as he runs about. Some dogs may even make a game of it, grabbing the brush or towel and running about in the hopes that you will chase them in a fun game. So, if you've ever wondered why dogs run after baths, consider these factors as possible explanations. For more information and advice, speak to the team at Bubble Pawz®.

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