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How To Hold A Dog Lead

How To Hold A Dog Lead

Learn how to hold a dog lead safely and correctly in this handy guide from Bubble Pawz® and walk your four-legged friend with total confidence.

If you’re new to dog ownership, or you’re looking to increase your skills, training and bond with your dog, you may be wondering if there are specific ways that you should be holding a dog lead to ensure that your dog is well restrained and walking properly. You may be wondering how other owners are managing to control their dogs on a beautiful loose lead or how to improve your dogs' behaviour so that they’re not constantly pulling you along behind them in their excitement. Whatever your goals, leash manners and how to hold a dog lead correctly are incredibly important if you want a well-behaved dog.

Why Do You Need To Know How To Hold A Lead Properly?

There’s no denying that our beloved furry friends love to go on walks with their humans. Going out walking with your dog is supposed to be a pleasant experience for you and a great time for your dog. However, if your dog is notoriously bad at pulling on its leash, the chances are high that you are not going to be having a great time and your dog is likely going to be frustrated at constantly being told off and not getting to where they want to go. Knowing how to hold a dog lead is not only essential for your dogs' safety, but it can also go a long way towards training your dog to walk calmly on the lead resulting in a walk that is significantly improved for both yourself and your dog.

How To Hold A Dog Lead Properly?

When you’re walking your dog, holding the leash properly is the first step in keeping your dog calm. When holding the leash you want to exercise control of your dog naturally. In other words, the leash should be loose and slack with your pup walking at your side, checking in with you from time to time. Leash handling skills are imperative to a fun and comfortable walk. Hold the lead flat in your right hand with your hand at waist level. The lead should then sit comfortably in your left hand with your hand resting at the top of your thigh/waist Ares. This gives you optimal control if you need to exert it, especially when you’re still training loose lead manners, and keeps the lead in a comfortable position for your dog.

Practice walking with treats and utilising positive reinforcement when your dog is trotting sedately at your side and is not pulling the lead tight.

What are some common lead holding mistakes?

There are many common lead holding mistakes that you may not even be aware of making. These include:

- Attaching the lead to a belt loop on your pants
- Wrapping your dogs' leash around your hand, arm or wrist to shorten it
- Not paying attention to your dog while you are walking
- Utilising your anchor hand to hold other objects such as a phone or drink
- Pulling back on the lead as you walk to try and reel your dog in if they are pulling (this is going to teach your dog that a tight lead means go!)
- Pulling your dog in close to your body with a tight leash as you are walking

Holding a dog lead correctly is so important for you and your dog.

Training your dog to walk on a loose leash calmly at your side starts with learning how to hold their lead properly. With some patience and extra training, you and your dog will both become more confident on your walks which can help make them that much more pleasant for both of you. A dog walking calmly on a loose lead is a sign that they are comfortable with their owners and will be much easier got you to control and keep safe. If you’re looking for more information about how to hold your dogs' leash properly or you were looking for some other information about dog training, you can take a look at our blog here (

Image by katerinavulcova via Pixabay

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