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How To Bathe Your Dog Safely

How To Bathe Your Dog Safely

The two words your dog hates to hear the most: bath time. But while many pups don't appreciate a good long soak in the tub, that doesn't mean you can't make their dog bath as enjoyable as possible. Less stress means less mess, and that also means less cleaning up after your furry friend. Whether you're planning on bathing a new puppy for the first time or you're looking for top tips to make bath time a little more serene, we've covered all you need to know. Read on now for all the details:

Go safety first with a non-slip mat

Baths are slippery for the average person, so you can imagine how much more four feet slide in comparison to two. Before you get your pup in the tub, lay down a suitable anti-slip mat to ensure they have something to grip onto. Not only will this help them feel more secure, but it can prevent potential injuries if your dog is a 'walker' in the tub or shower.

Invest in shampoo that's safe for their skin

Using the right products for the job can help make bath time far safer for everyone involved. While human shampoo and conditioner may be readily available in your bathroom, the chemicals we use aren't typically dog friendly. Using a suitable dog shampoo and conditioner will help to soothe the skin and ensure no harsh chemicals get into the eyes or mouth in the process.

Take the stress out of bath time with calming scents

If we feel stressed, it's far more likely that our dogs pick up on that emotion. Take things down a notch for a calmer bath time by investing in a couple of doggy bath bombs. Soothing and calming properties are particularly good for more jittery dogs and owners. The calmer your dog is, the less likely they are to make a break for it or potentially hurt themselves in some way. Win-win.

Make bathing fun with lick mats or treats

A happy dog is a safe dog and the average pup is at peak happiness when they have treats to focus on. A well designed lick mat can provide a welcome distraction to keep your dog still. If they happen to be completely engrossed in their activity, this would be a good time to get a brush in and potentially an ear cleaning too.

Help your pup get bath-friendly from day one

The key to having a dog that isn't as fearful of the tub is getting them used to it from day one. Whether it's a pseudo-bath where you flick some water around or regular bathing to ensure they get used to the feeling, a dog that's confident in the bath is safer, too. Once you welcome your new family member, it's a great idea to get them acquainted safely with a tub or shower from day one. If they know what's coming, there's less likely to be a panic when real bath time rolls around.

Ensure you're using the right water temperature

You might love a steaming hot shower or boiling tub, but your dogs won't want the same. Ensure all water you use is lukewarm to keep your pet's skin safe and ensure everything is washed out thoroughly. While you don't want to go too hot and scald your pup, you also don't want to go too cold either. Freezing water, particularly for small dogs, can be a shock to the system. Stick to warm-ish temperatures, and bath time will be far safer as a result.

Brushing before bath time

If your furry friend isn't a fan of brushing, it's best to try and keep this activity separate from bath time. Brushing in the kitchen or outside before a bath can help separate the two and prevent panic at the bath itself. It's also an excellent idea to brush your dogs when they are dry as you can spot ticks, fleas or burrs easier, helping you to bathe your dog safely and spot any skin or pest issues immediately. Ready to get scrubbing in the tub? When it comes to giving your four-legged friend the best bath of their life, we've got all the kit you need to make it happen. Browse our range of dog-friendly, natural and organic products to make bath time more fun and safer than ever.

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