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How To Protect Dog Paws This Summer

How To Protect Dog Paws This Summer

As it gets hotter this summer, many of us will be worrying about our dog's sensitive paws, especially if you're both walking regularly on hot pavements in the city. Sore paws can be uncomfortable, painful and irritating for your dog, so it's important to protect them when you can. From walking on the grass to pampering those sensitive paws to checking the pavement temperature before you set off, we take a look at how to protect dog paws this summer. Follow these tips and help protect your pooch from the heat:


1. Know When To Stay Home

If it's just too hot outside, it can be a good idea to keep your furry friend at home instead. Being outside and walking on sizzling hot pavements can be damaging for your dog, so if it feels too hot for you, just think about how they are, especially if they are a larger breed with a thick coat. If you want to check whether they can go outside, vets in the USA have a test. Place the back of your hand on the pavement for seven seconds and if it feels too hot for you, it's too hot for their paws. Wait until it cools down in the evening or try and wake up early and take your dog out before the pavements get too hot.


2. Take Sensible Summer Walks

If you can, try and take your dog out somewhere with lots of cool grass, or a forest or park with plenty of shade and bark paths. If your furry friend loves the beach, it's important to remember that sand can become very hot and potentially burn your dog's paws so check it with your hand first or avoid the beach if it's just too hot. Take your dog out at times when it's cooler outside, like early in the morning or after sunset and take lots of water for them to prevent dehydration.


3. Check Your Pup's Paws

In the hot Australian summer, it's more important than ever to regularly check your dog's paws for burns, sores or any damage. If you're worried that your pup may have burned paws, take them to the vet straight away. If your dog's paws have been burned you can soak the pad with cool water, gently dry it and apply an antibiotic ointment. Look out for warning signs of burned paws which include: - being hesitant to walk - licking their pads more than normal - slight limping - discoloured areas - blisters If you've been on a long walk in the summer, make sure to check your dog's paws and make sure they haven't been worn down. If they have, let them have a rest break and watch out for any cuts or cracks.


4. Pamper Those Paws

It's also a great idea to give your dog a good pamper in the summer, and a doggy bath bomb with essential oils is the perfect treat. With intensive moisturisers, all-natural ingredients and soothing aromas, keep your pooch pampered and calm in the bath. When you're bathing your dog, choose natural products such as Bubble Pawz Organic Natural Soothing Paw Balm For Pets that won't irritate sore skin and make sure you keep up with your dog's flea and tick treatments.


5.Protect their paws today

Looking after your dog's paws this summer is so important, so make sure to be sensible, check the surface and choose a walk that's good for those sensitive paws. At Bubble Pawz, we are passionate about giving your fluffy friends the very best care, so check out our range of doggy pampering products today. From soothing shampoo bars to fun bubble baths, give your dog some extra TLC with our all-natural doggy pampering products.

Image by ThePianoMonster via Pixabay

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