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How To Use Puppy Pads & Outdoor Potty Training Together

How To Use Puppy Pads & Outdoor Potty Training Together
Whilst making use of dog bath bombs and dog spas in Australia is a lot of fun when bonding with your pup, one of the most important things you can do with your dog is learning how to use puppy pads and outdoor potty training together. Cleanliness is all well and good, but potty training stops your home from getting dirty in the first place. Read on to find out more about using puppy pads and training your dog to use the toilet in the right way.

How To Use Puppy Pads and Outdoor Potty Training Together

One of the keys to getting puppy training right is by doing it together. After all, a puppy looks to you as the leader of the pack, so taking full advantage of the link between you and your dog is integral to early development. There are several steps in an effective toilet training process: • By saying the word "Toilet" to your dog when weeing or pooing, you build an association between the word and the action. • Use the word "Toilet" when pointing to the puppy pad, showing them that that is where they need to be relieving themselves rather than just generally around the house. • As time goes on and your puppy uses the toilet in the right place at the right time, praise them for their accuracy. Dogs love praise and will keep going to the toilet in the right place as a result.

Potty Training Outside

Transferring toilet training from inside the house to outside the property is integral to a happy and healthy environment. After all, weeing on a pad is all well and good, but doing so entirely out of the house is even better. Some of the key steps to your dog relieving themselves outside are below, in addition to the reason you should use the methods in question: • Take your dog outside when they look fidgety. If your dog is sniffing around their normal toilet spot, they likely need to go to the toilet. • Wait for them to use the toilet. When your dog goes to the toilet outside, praise them repeatedly whilst including the word "Toilet". This transfers the meaning of the word "Toilet" to include outside, and the dog associates being outside with going to the toilet. • Stay out. Your dog sees going for a walk as something of a treat, so taking them back home immediately after going to the toilet ends their fun, deterring them from going to the toilet and counter-acting all the good work you completed when building the association between word and place.

Encouraging Best Behaviour

You should praise your dog in a range of ways rather than exclusively using verbal compliments. Read on for some of the best ways to praise your puppy and the role they play in solving the issue of how to use puppy pads and outdoor potty training together. • Dog treats. Treats and food are excellent motivations for a puppy, and you can use puppy snacks and treats in the same way as you would when teaching any tricks. • Walks. Walks are great fun for dogs, so treating your dog with a longer than planned walk after using the toilet is a good form of praise.

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Image by JACLOU-DL via Pixabay

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