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How To Brush An Uncooperative Dog

How To Brush An Uncooperative Dog
If you're a dog owner, it's likely you love having a perfectly-groomed pooch. But what do you do if your dog's just not having it when you try to brush them? Owners of uncooperative dogs may find themselves struggling to keep them still, prevent a runaway, and deal with heightened anxiety and nerves. Wondering how to brush an uncooperative dog and maintain your sanity in the process? Read on for our handy hints.

How To Brush An Uncooperative Dog

Use treats

There's nothing like good, old-fashioned bribery - and if your dog is really not having a bar of your grooming mission, you might find yourself needing to resort to tasty snacks. These can help distract your dog as you go about grooming.

Be firm (but gentle)

Show your dog you mean business. Use a firm, but gentle, voice to issue commands to sit or lie down. You can be kind and gentle without relinquishing your control of the situation. Your dog will respond well if they recognise you as the "alpha" with authority.

Make introductions

You might want to start the grooming and get it over with as soon as possible - especially if you've got a wriggly dog - but going slow is very important here. Start by introducing your dog to the grooming brush, and by using slow and relaxed movements as you comb their fur. Work on small areas at a time. You might also need to start with shorter grooming sessions to ease your dog in gently.

Keep your dog still

This is probably the most difficult challenge for owners of uncooperative dogs, but it can be done. Start by getting your dog to lie down, keeping them calm as you do so. From this position, you can start gentle grooming - perhaps even supplying a few treats along the way to keep them happy.

Use a grooming glove

Some dogs hate brushes, so you might try a grooming glove that fits over your hand and gives the feeling of being patted or stroked rather than brushed. Just remember to go slow, start in small areas and for shorter sessions, and include rewards and treats throughout.

Choose a calming aid

Sometimes, you might need to use a medication or calming aid to relax your dog, especially if they're anxious or hyper. Never use such medications without first consulting your vet. Your vet may be able to recommend a particular product that's best for your furry friend.

Restrain your dog

If your dog's flighty or really uncooperative, a restraint can help. The best sort of restraint places a comfortable loop around your dog's neck, keeping them still. These are safe restraints specially designed for grooming. If you use a restraint, remember to be firm but gentle. Once they're in the restraint, groom them quickly. Don't cuddle your dog or give them treats if they start to cause a fuss - but do remember to give them a treat or reward once the job's done! If you think your dog might even bite you, a muzzle can help keep you protected and prevent any injuries.

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