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How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

Dogs’ teeth are just like ours. They are used for chewing and biting tough food and are essential for beginning the digestive process. However, there is one major difference – whilst we spend each morning and night brushing our teeth to keep them healthy, a dog doesn't understand the importance of toothpaste. They don't feel the need to stand in front of a mirror, running a handheld brush across their chops for a precious two minutes in which they could be playing with their toys or munching away on a bowl of kibble instead. Unfortunately, this can lead older dogs to develop gum disease and terrible breath, so ensuring that your pet’s oral hygiene is well maintained throughout his or her life is an important responsibility, even if your pet cannot stand the toothbrush. Read on to learn how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

Brushing your dog's teeth can feel like a battle. Luckily, we have some solutions right here in this article. Here is how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

Invest in Gum Wipes

Your dog hates having a toothbrush shoved into their mouth, and why wouldn’t they? The bristles can stick into their gums and cause inflammation, and they cannot tell us how much pressure to use with each stroke. In this scenario, a much less abrasive way to apply treatment directly to the mouth are gum wipes. These are soft and made from the same fabric as antiseptic or baby wipes, so they can be wiped gently across your dog’s mouth, both outside and inside, to remove any build-up of plaque and food debris. Plus, they often have a great taste for the dog and a sweet scent for the human, so nobody is left unhappy with the result.

Dental Treats

Certain brands specialise in making hard chews that turn soft in a dog’s mouth. The chewed up food sticks to your pooch’s teeth and works on fighting the plaque which has built up around the gums, making oral care fun and enriching for any snack-loving furry friend. The best aspect of using these is how you do not need to do anything yourself – no slobbery hands, no unhappiness or guilt. In fact, we think these treats are so tasty that your dog will devour them without a single prompt, making it the perfect canine equivalent to brushing your teeth by choice. For a more natural alternative, try bully sticks. These are odourless chews made from beef muscles.


Another low-commitment way to reduce your dog’s tartar build-up is by applying powdered mouthwash to their water bowl. You can buy this in small tubs advertised as a plaque removal method. Whilst a human has to gargle and spit out their mouthwash, this functions as an ingestible substance. Just follow the instructions on the label to ensure you are putting the right amount in the bowl, otherwise, your pooch might decide not to drink it.

Buy Rubber Toys

Any rubber toy can act as the perfect toothbrush, performing its job whilst unknown to your pooch. When a dog chews on or plays with a rubber toy, the material rubs against its teeth to get rid of plaque and tartar build-up in a way that is passive and pain-free. Just make sure to supervise your pet whilst they are playing, as chunks of plastic can serve as a choking hazard. For more tips and tricks on how to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing, visit our shop at

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