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How To Get An Anxious Dog To Calm Down

How To Get An Anxious Dog To Calm Down

As experts in dog grooming and pampering, and with a special focus throughout our product range on calming anxious dogs, one of the most common queries the team at Bubble Pawz gets is, “how to get an anxious dog to calm down”.

Anxiety is common in all animals, and dogs are no exception. After all, they are just as sensitive, if not more, to their surroundings as we humans are. Anxiety in dogs is often caused by stress, boredom, separation, noise, fear or frustration, but the good news is there are ways to counteract these root causes. Let’s look at a few tried and tested ways to calm down an anxious dog below.


How to get an anxious dog to calm down

Prioritise physical and mental health

Maintaining a daily routine that balances your dog's physical and mental health is just as important as maintaining your own self-care routine! Generous daily walks and lots of playtime are important for dogs to work out their stress and anxiety in a healthy way, while releasing natural feel-good endorphins like serotonin and dopamine. Many dogs get a lot out of being involved in doggy daycare groups, participating in dog walking groups or being allowed to mingle with friends at a dog park. Socialisation is important and builds their confidence, which, in turn, can quell anxiety.

Just as important as physical health is prioritising your dog’s mental health. Regularly spending one-on-one time with your dog is non-negotiable, and including pampering activities like massages or cuddles will help to alleviate anxiety and help your dog feel safe and loved. Brain-stimulating toys and games [] are also great for counteracting boredom.

Create a safe space for your anxious dog

If your dog is particularly anxious, creating a safe area for them to retreat to at home is a good idea. A space for them to decompress that is well-ventilated, dimly lit and free from noise or external factors that induce anxiety is so helpful. White noise machines and calming music have also been found to be effective for anxious dogs.

Keep up with dog grooming and care

Dog grooming is part and parcel of being a responsible pet owner, and neglecting this can cause a spike in anxiety. Keeping up with regular dog grooming and doggie spa treatments is mandatory for your dog to feel its best. It’s amazing how much a regular shampoo, blow dry, clipping and nail trim from an expert groomer can turn a dog's mindset around - with them leaving feeling like a million bucks! Regular dog baths and dog grooming (including flea treatments) at home are also important to ensure your dog leads a long and healthy life.

That’s why, at Bubble Pawz, we take so much pride in what we do!

There are now many alternative therapies for anxious dogs, including dog behavioural specialists, canine homoeopathy, pheromone diffusers that promote calm, dog-friendly supplements and even calming coats.

Bubble Pawz to the rescue!

Bubble Pawz is a proudly Australian-owned and operated pet care business, offering safe and organic dog grooming and pampering products that are pet safe and made using ingredients that are sourced from local Australian farms.

Our range of dog bath bombs and other dog care products are free from artificial ingredients and are lightly scented with the most high-quality Australian essential oils to help your pooch feel calm. We also sell dog enrichment toys, natural flea and tick treatments and a range of other products.

Give your dog the gift of calm and order from Bubble Pawz today. We offer free shipping Australia-wide, so shop our extensive dog care range over at our shop []. If you have more queries like 'how to get an anxious dog to calm down', we're happy to help.

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