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A Guide To Caring For Older Pets

A Guide To Caring For Older Pets

You might begin to notice signs of declining health in your dogs as they grow older. Or you might simply be keeping track of their age and know they're starting to get towards the more mature part of their lives. Either way, here are some ways you can keep caring for older pets and make sure yours is still living its life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of its twilight years.


Tips for caring for older pets

As senior dogs get tired more easily, here are some top tips on how to keep your dog healthy without wearing it out.



As with people, the joint function of animals can deteriorate with age, with problems such as arthritis often arising. An important part of avoiding illness and discomfort for animals, especially in old age, is weight control since this can help to alleviate symptoms. The best way to keep your dog active and healthy without wearing it out is to maintain a constant amount of daily exercise and make sure to exercise them little and often. For example, take them on a shorter 15-minute walk two to three times a day rather than one long walk where they may over-exert themselves. If your dog is particularly stiff or lame, don't take it on walks. Instead, make sure there is a soft bed available and maybe even add a ramp over any steps that lead outside so they have accessibility to the yard. If the problem seems to continue, you may also want to consider a trip to the vet for a full checkup - they will make sure there isn't a more serious issue at play and offer advice specific to your pet.


Any dietary changes should be made slowly to allow time to adjust, but for older dogs, it could be a good idea to switch them to a senior diet. Lots of these specialised diets are available and can help to combat the medical conditions which commonly trouble older animals. If your animal is overweight, it will need to have its intake reduced. Alternatively, weight loss can be an indication of ill health and should be checked by a vet.


There are lots of drug treatments which have been developed for animals to be used for reducing pain and improving the quality of life for your dog. If you think they are in pain, go to your vet so that they can provide a suitable treatment.


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