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How To Get Pet Urine Smells Out Of Carpet

How To Get Pet Urine Smells Out Of Carpet

Ever wondered how to get pet urine smells out of carpet? The team at Bubble Pawz® has all the answers.

If you've ever had a puppy, at some point you've probably looked up how to get pet urine smells out of carpet. Dog urine is a concoction of hormones, bacteria, uric acid and ammonia. Over time, the ammonia becomes more concentrated and the smell gets worse. That is why it's so important to act quickly if you notice dog pee on your carpet. Owning a new pet is one of the greatest joys in life, but before they're toilet trained, they will undoubtedly have some accidents around your home.

Here is our six-step recipe to have your carpets smelling as fresh as your pooch.

How to get pet urine smells out of carpet

Before you start, you will need:

- Paper towels or rags, and maybe a scrubbing brush

- White or apple cider vinegar

- Bicarb soda

- Hydrogen peroxide or dishwashing detergent (optional)

- Vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Act quickly

It's time to become a pet detective and hunt down the spot where your pet has been peeing. Act quickly as the longer you let the stain sit, the worse it will smell and the harder it will be to remove. Your carpet is absorbent and your new puppy will be quick to learn a bad habit, returning to the same spot again and again if it isn't cleaned up quickly.

Step 2: Absorb it

Use an absorbent material such as a towel, rag or paper towel to draw the urine out of the carpet. Ensure that the carpet is dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Vinegar 

To remove the unsightly stain, mix equal parts white or apple cider vinegar with water, shake and spray onto the carpet. Use a scrubbing brush or rag to rub the stain out.

Step 4: Bicarb soda

Pet urine is acidic, this is why it causes such a foul smell. Bicarbonate soda is a base and will neutralise the smell, drawing it out of your carpet. Leave the bicarb soda on the stain for 24 hours.

Step 5: Hydrogen peroxide or dishwashing detergent

This step is optional and you'll want to ensure that if you choose to use hydrogen peroxide, that you don't accidentally bleach your carpet. Never use chlorine bleach on your carpet because it is toxic to pets and will damage your flooring. For a particularly stubborn stain, water down the hydrogen peroxide or dishwashing detergent and use a rag to rub at the stain.

Step 6: Vacuum

Thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any bicarb soda and the last remnants of the smell.

If the stain wasn't treated whilst still fresh and has had time to set in, you might need a blacklight torch to help you locate it. A homemade treatment is unlikely to work on an old stain, however, you can buy an enzymatic pet stain remover from your local pet shop.

Ammonia is the chemical in pet pee that makes it smell so bad, so make sure that you never use cleaning products containing ammonia on pet pee stains because this will strengthen the smell. You will also want to avoid using any heat to dry out or remove the stain as this may permanently bond the bad smell to the fibres of your carpet.

For a carpet that smells as great as your freshly bathed puppy, you may want to use essential oils such as lemon oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil or lime oil to deter your dog from peeing on the carpet.

Now you know how to get pet urine smells out of carpet, why not visit us at Bubble Pawz for some essential accessories for dogs? If your pup is anxious and you believe this is the reason they are peeing on your carpet, we have some great dog products that could help.

Image by heathergunn via Pixabay

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