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When To Bathe Your Puppy For The First Time

When To Bathe Your Puppy For The First Time

If you've recently welcomed a puppy into your family, you likely want to know when to bathe your puppy for the first time. As grooming is necessary for maintaining your dog's health, getting the right advice will allow your pup to overcome any bath-time anxiety and enjoy being washed. Here at Bubble Pawz, we're experts in dog bathing and grooming. View our guide below for advice on how to make bathing a fun activity for your puppy and discover the things to avoid during your puppy's first bath.


When to bathe your puppy for the first time

As young dogs have underdeveloped immune systems, they must be vaccinated before you bathe them. Puppies are typically given their first vaccine at 6-8 weeks of age and then receive a booster vaccine every 2-4 weeks until they're 16 weeks of age.

Most veterinarians recommend that you bathe your puppy for the first time 1-2 weeks following their first vaccination. After this, giving them a bath every 20 to 60 days will make sure their skin is well protected and healthy.


What do I need for my puppy's first bath?

It's a good idea to bathe your puppy for the first time at home as it becomes a familiar environment for them and is a comfortable setting for both bathing and grooming. Your puppy may be frightened of the water at first, so it's important to encourage and comfort them while they navigate this new experience. You must ensure the bath temperature is lukewarm, and your puppy is relatively warm beforehand so they aren’t shocked by the temperature of the water. If you live in a colder climate, warming your puppy up in a blanket is a convenient way to prepare your puppy for their bath.

You will require a dog shampoo and conditioner, as well as a comb depending on the texture of your dog’s coat. Never be tempted to use human shampoo on your dog simply because it smells nice! Dogs, and especially puppies, have stronger pH levels than humans and require specific products that retain the moisture in their skin. It is advised that you visit your local pet store and see what bathing items they have in stock for young puppies, or if purchasing online, you must confirm the item is appropriate for your dog’s age and breed. You can dry your puppy off after their bath using a towel or a hairdryer (on its lowest setting).

Once your pup is old enough to be bathed, our dog bathing products are ideal for protecting their skin. You can shop our range of organic, unscented Bubble Pawz dog bathing products here.


What if my puppy is dirty or has fleas?

If your puppy is dirty before it is safe for them to have their first bath, try your best to wipe off any dirt using a towel. If the dirt has become matted into their fur and requires soaking to remove, you should contact one of our friendly team members for advice or contact your veterinarian to check before bathing. If fleas are the problem, you can use a topical treatment to treat your pup. After topical treatments have been applied, you shouldn't bathe your pup for at least 24-48 hours, so please keep this in mind if your dog has fleas.

Here at Bubble Pawz, we treat your pets as though they are our own! If you want more advice on when to bathe your puppy for the first time or you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Image by liilxliil via Pixabay

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